Meet the Team


Curious and Kind Education empowers children to learn about themselves, others and nature while developing their minds and bodies.

  • We believe nature nurtures learning.
  • We believe in honoring children’s self-directed learning instincts.
  • We believe education’s purpose is to create a kinder, more sustainable world.

We reimagined education! Our nature-based education program was inspired by the forest school concept to keep the flame of learning alive for children. At Curious and Kind, every child is valued, cherished, and encouraged to embrace the joy of getting a little muddy.
We are looking for great people to be prepared to grow the team soon. If you love children, nature and learning, we would love to hear from you! 

Justine Wilson, MEd & EdS

Founder of Curious and Kind Education
Educator- Forest School/Agile Learning Center Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays

Some of Justine’s best and earliest memories came before the nightly dinner bell would call all the neighborhood kids home. You could find her and neighbor kids knee-deep in the muddy creek, as they worked together to build dams and bridges all the while falling in love with nature. Justine went on to become an educator having worked as an outdoor science educator, grade 1 and 5 teacher, literacy coach and Prk-5 principal in 4 countries over 17 years. Recently, she gave herself the gift of time to reflect and align the purpose which drives her as an educator. She has a passion for trusting children and empowering them through self directed learning. She finds joy in facilitating and supporting children’s curiosities and interests inspired from nature.

Certifications and Credentials

  • Forest School Teacher Institute- Emergent Curriculum & Director Training
  • Masters degree in Education focusing on Integrated Place-based Education- Antioch University
  • Principal/Administrator credential in Florida and Colorado

Sherry Summers

Educator- Forest School/Agile Learning Center Facilitator- Tuesdays, Wednesdays, & Thursdays

Sherry is a passionate advocate for child-centered education, holding a bachelor’s degree with a concentration in education from the University of South Florida. Her diverse experiences over the years as a mother of three adult daughters and an eight-year-old son, a nanny, a foster parent, and the owner of an in-home daycare have profoundly shaped her approach to working with children. Sherry’s journey has taken her from the beaches of New Jersey to the mountains of Pennsylvania, New York City, and now the sunny landscapes of Florida, enriching her perspective on education through a variety of cultural and environmental lenses. She believes that children thrive when they are free to play, explore, and learn through hands-on experiences rather than traditional desk-bound instruction. As a nature enthusiast, Sherry finds immense joy in outdoor activities and is committed to integrating the wonders of nature into her teaching. She practices yoga, enjoys dancing, loves to travel, and brings a holistic approach to her role as an education facilitator. She is inspired by the principles of the forest school concept, believing that nature nurtures learning, and that education’s ultimate purpose is to create a more compassionate and environmentally conscious world. With her deep commitment to holistic, nature-based education, Sherry is thrilled to be part of a community that empowers children to learn about themselves, others, and the natural world around them.

April Noss

Educator- Forest School/Agile Learning Center Facilitator- Wednesdays and Fridays

April comes from an extensive background in environmental and childhood education. She is a Florida Master Naturalist graduate and has spent more than two decades educating children of all ages in various settings and subjects.  She is passionate about doing her part to reduce the “nature deficit” facing children in our society.  April is a yoga teacher and owns Sarasota Karate Club, where she is the primary instructor of traditional Japanese karate.  In her spare time, she loves to spend as much time as possible in nature.  She also enjoys traveling the world with her husband and three children, cooking healthy meals, singing, and playing her guitar and mandolin.  She is excited to inspire every child at Curious and Kind Education with the same love of learning and nature that she has.

Jamie Tremps

Educator- Forest School/Agile Learning Center Facilitator- Tuesdays and Thursdays

As a Southwest Florida native and lifelong learner, Jamie knows firsthand the beauty and importance of growing up in oneness with nature. From her own earliest childhood memories she has been running around barefoot communing with bugs. Today as a mother, professional singer/songwriter, artist and beekeeper, she is passionate to continue sharing her love of learning and joie de vivre with children and our community. Jamie believes in the importance of trust and honesty and being a good listener, knowing from experience with her own family and as a member of a local homeschool co-op that children learn best when inspired and excited to express and create from within themselves. She holds a degree in psychology from the University of South Florida. 



Libby Bailey, MAT

Educator- Nature Stay and Play Leader
Sarasota, Bradenton & Osprey/Venice

Libby is excited to join the Curious and Kind team! She began learning about Forest Schools and knew she had to be outside with the children. Currently, her focus is developing her skills in nature education and having lots of fun!
Indoors, Libby has fun by reading, making art, playing board games, cooking, and eating.  Outdoors, she enjoys gardening, snorkeling, kayaking, and walking in our lovely parks. She does Tai Chi and is learning to play the ukulele and sing with a group of people.
After many years within the public schools, Libby is following a bend in the road and returning to the joy of play-based learning. Her delight in children began with play and being outside—especially digging holes and looking under logs for bugs. During her time in college, Libby began working with preschool children. After graduation, she co-directed an after-school program and found she also loved being with the older kids. This lead to a Master’s of Arts in Teaching and working with preschool, elementary and middle school students in Collier and Sarasota counties. While along this path, Libby and Eric raised their two daughters and encouraged them to engage with reading, art-making and the natural world.
Libby is happy to be outside again and to meet everyone in the Curious and Kind community. She invites you to join her in playing and exploring in nature.

Mariah Battaglia

Educator- Nature Stay and Play Leader

Mariah Battaglia is a passionate early educator, nature lover and longtime local resident who has seen the need for programs like Curious and Kind. She has nearly a decade of experience working with children of all ages in daycares and private settings. Mariah believes in fostering children’s natural interest, empowering them to connect with their body and environment. She creates safe spaces for children to learn and grow in. Mariah is our Stay and Play Leader in our up and coming location, Brooksville!  She is thrilled about helping to grow Curious and Kind Education!

Cera Azzi

Social Media whizz!

Cera is a traveling learner and is so excited to be joining the fun with Curious and Kind Education. With her Bachelor’s in Elementary Education and being a lifetime big sister, she loves spending time with kids. Cera knows that being able to support children in their learning and growing can be so special. She can’t wait to see what adventures will come through her journey with Curious and Kind and your explorers!
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Fresh air, open paths
Sticks not telling what to be
Acceptance knows love

~ Haiku by Joe Pounds ~
After an interview with Justine, Founder of Curious and Kind Education

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