Encouraging Self-Directed Learning At Our Nature-Based Program

Curious and Kind Education provides a fusion of Forest School principles with the Agile Learning Center model. We offer play-based learning empowering children to learn about themselves, others, and nature
while developing their minds and bodies.

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~We successfully launched Curious and Kind Education in Spring of 2023!~

4 programs:

~Summer Camp!(ages 5-12 years old)~
~Nature Stay and Play (ages walking-7 years old)~
~Forest School Drop off program (ages 5-12 years old)~
~Teen Program (ages 13-16 years old)~

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Curious and Kind Education

Curious and Kind offers a unique blend of forest school principles intertwined with the agile learning centers model, creating an environment that is both child-led and structured to nurture projects. Ideal for families seeking a flexible alternative to traditional schooling, our early childhood education program caters to those who prioritize outdoor experiences while also including nature-based curriculum. We provide a supportive space where children can explore, learn, connect and grow at their own pace, fostering curiosity and kindness along the way.

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When children come into contact with nature, they reveal their strength.‚Äč

Maria Montessori

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Our Approach to Education...

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Play is the highest form of research.

Albert Einstein

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Curious and Kind Education merges Forest School and Agile Learning Center principles with Montessori and Reggio inspired approaches to make a unique offering for each child that is grounded in:

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There are intentional coaching moves we take to support emerging literacy including enjoying plentiful read alouds, dialoguing, using high level vocabulary, engaging children in storytelling and retelling, playing with words, and mark marking (early writing) which are done in our forest setting.

Justine Wilson
Founder of Curious and Kind on early literacy in a nature setting

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