First day of classes will be Sept 5th, 2023 and then we will follow the calendar outlined on the final page of the Parent Handbook. Last day of classes will be May 24th, 2024.  Our schedule consists of 34 weeks of classes.

The Stay and Play program is designed for children ages walking-7 years with a caregiver present.
The Forest School ALC is designed to serve children aged 5-8 and 8-12 years old, in two groups.

Stay and Play- Siblings under 18 months of age may join at no cost. Siblings over 18 months should enroll in the class.
If a sibling needs to attend due to scheduling change (eg. day off at school), they can attend without enrolling. Families are asked to notify the teacher if an extra child needs to attend for a session so they can prepare any necessary materials. If the sibling will attend additional times, that family may pay the drop-in rate for that child.

*Please speak to the administration, if you have a need for financial assistance with either program.

YES! We offer paid trial days.  A Nature Stay and Play is $40 a class and the Forest School ALC is $70 a day.  Please fill out the application on the Enrollment tab to get started and we will contact you shortly to schedule the trial day!

The application fee is non-refundable. 

The tuition will be billed at the start of first of each month.  If you you no longer wish to continue the enrollment, please provide 30 days notice so that the deposit can be applied to the final month.

No.  We are scheduling and planning based on an entire school year.

In general, we believe that “there is no bad weather, only bad clothing.” We encourage appropriate clothing to play outside in a variety of weather. We will typically hold class in light rain, as well as on chilly days, as long as conditions are safe for outdoor play.
Of course, some weather is not safe for outdoor play. Decisions about whether it is safe to hold class are determined by the teacher using local weather guidance and a weather chart. The teachers will update families at least 90 minutes prior to class by text message and class announcements. 
*If unsafe weather occurs suddenly during the outdoor classes, the classes will use Unity of Sarasota as the emergency shelter.

Teachers will do a site assessment prior to each class session which involves surveying the class area for safety hazards. Teachers will also bring a First Aid Kit to class, which will be utilized as needed. Emergency contact information will be collected and utilized in case of emergencies.
Teachers do all that they reasonably can to provide a learning environment that allows for safe risk-taking (which may include but not limited to stick play, tree climbing, exploring in nature in which children may come in contact with ticks or be in the vicinity of snakes).

A few simple rules help to address most situations:

  • Explorers (children) can explore on their own as long as they can still see or hear their caregiver or teacher.
  • If explorers are taking physical risks, we check in to make sure that they feel sturdy and safe in their risk-taking.
  • Leaders encourage children to engage in risky play, but give clear redirection if or when safety and the safety of friends in the class could be compromised. For example, we celebrate that sticks are the #1 toy of all time, but we make sure that our sticks have plenty of space so they do not touch our friends’ bodies. Ultimately, over time, we want to help children learn how to learn their limits while still playing in a way that keeps them and their friends out of true harm.
  • We encourage children not to put nature treasures in their mouths and will monitor the child, as needed.

Before class:

All participants (leaders included) refer to our Pre-Class Health Checklist that includes a check for symptoms of COVID to self assess.

During class:

All participants need to follow a simple strategies that enable us to play safely together! Pre-screen before class, wash hands regularly, do not share food or drinks, hold personal space as desired, and keep the wellbeing of the community in mind at all times.
At this time, masks are not required, however families are welcome to wear masks, if they prefer.
We design our classroom spaces and activities so that participants have plenty of room to move around and have the option to limit sustained close contact with people outside of their family.
Class leaders provide a soap + water mixture for participants to wash hands as they arrive and at any time through out the classes.

Confirmation of confirmed positive cases:

Exposure Before Class:

If you or one of the people who join you in class test positive or are exposed to someone who is positive, follow the current CDC Guidelines for isolation or quarantine. While in isolation or quarantine, stay home from class.

Testing Positive After Class:

If you or someone in your household who attended your class test positive for COVID-19 after participating in a session, reach out to us at by text or email.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

Curious and Kind Education recognizes that racism, bias and privilege exist in society today. We commit to creating an educational and social environment in which families of diverse backgrounds feel welcomed, respected, and valued. Diversity is defined as the broad spectrum of cultures, races, ethnicities, language speakers, genders, sexual orientations, religions and creeds, socioeconomic backgrounds, and abilities that together make up our communities, country, and world. Programs are open to families of all histories, backgrounds, genders, identities and abilities. Curious and Kind Education does not discriminate based on race, sex, gender identity, gender preference, nationality, religion, or abelness.

Curious and Kind Education acknowledges that we gather on the lands and territories of the Apalachee, Calusa, Timucua, and Tocobago tribes, as well as the Seminole Tribe of Florida and the Miccosukee Tribe of Indians of Florida. As we know, many indigenous people were forced to leave land resulting in loss of life and culture. This acknowledgement demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that history is neither forgotten nor repeated.

More in depth look at lands can be found here: https://native-land.ca/