Enrollment Process

Apply to our nature-based programs in Sarasota, Bradenton, and Osprey, Florida where children thrive in an environment where play is central to the educational experience. Through our play-based learning programs, children engage with the natural world, fostering curiosity and creativity while developing essential skills for lifelong success. Follow these steps to apply for our enrichment programs!

Step 1

Complete Application
*Need-based tuition assistance is available for children 5+ years old. As funding is available we can give it out. Please, communicate your need.

Step 2

Review & agree to the Parent Handbook. You can clarify questions with Justine.

Step 3

Chat with Justine....
~Share excitements, questions and make a plan that's good for your family!
~Set up tours, trial days and/or enrollment!

Step 4

~Invoice for a deposit will be emailed through ProCare.
~Pay the deposit.
~Start classes.
~Tuition is bill monthly.


We look forward to welcoming your family to the Curious and Kind community!